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This close-up of the glazed roof allows a view of clouds and blue sky through the iroko rafters.  A double turquoise settee is in the bay window.Bolingbroke Castle

The castle is situated in the heart of the pretty village of Old Bolingbroke, nestling at the foot of the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds, about 25 miles to the east of Lincoln. It is a pleasant, quiet village of some 90 homes. A walk around the village takes about half an hour, and there are wonderful longer circular walks up to the surrounding hills. Allow at least half an hour to visit the castle, and don't forget to walk round the outside of the walls by the moat as this shows off the impressive the castle walls (up to 18 feet high) to best effect. Visiting the rout yard and earthwork will take another half hour or so. Admission to the castle is free (except for occasional events) and it is open all year round.


Exterior of Lincoln castleLincoln Castle

By Norman times, Lincoln was the third city of the realm in prosperity and importance.
In 1068, two years after the Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror began building Lincoln Castle on a site occupied since Roman times.
For 900 years the castle was used as a court and prison with many being executed on the ramparts.
Many original features still remain and the wall walks provide visitors with magnificent views of the Cathedral, the City of Lincoln and the surrounding countryside.
Lincoln Castle is situated in the North/ Historic centre of Lincoln. The nearest parking facilities can be found at The Lawn Visitor Centre, Union Road, Lincoln and Westgate Carpark, Westgate, Lincoln

Exterior of Tattershall CastleTattershall Castle

The great red brick tower at Tattershall reaches a height of 30.5 metres (100ft) and is a prominent feature in the local landscape, as well as a graphic symbol of the power of one man. It was built for Ralph, Lord Cromwell, in the years 1434-46. Cromwell was a wealthy and ambitious man who had been an adviser to Henry V and who became Lord Treasurer to Henry VI. He was to use the rewards of his high office to build what is now considered to be one of the best examples of medieval brickwork in the country.

Records show that nearly one million locally made bricks were used in the construction of the tower and associated buildings. The tower contains a vaulted basement and four floors topped by a parapet level. With three separate doors on the ground floor and large traceried windows that also start at the ground floor the tower was obviously built for comfort rather than defence and would not have been able to stand up to a determined attack. But it was not the only line of defence. The great tower was built into the protective walls of an existing castle that had been started by Robert de Tateshale in 1231. The inner ward and its curtain wall were surrounded by a water filled moat, a middle and outer ward, and an outer moat fed by the River Bain. Unfortunately nothing remains of this earlier castle, but the moats and great tower were restored by Lord Curzon in the years 1912-14.


Exterior of The Kinema in the Woods, Woodhall SpaKinema In The Woods

Opened as a cinema in August 1922 and still going strong as a family owned, 7 day a week cinema, showing nightly with extra matinees at school holiday times. Previously used as a pavilion to the Petwood House cricket, tennis & bowls area to the right of the cinema building as seen in the pictures.
Also used even earlier as a gym for the Bath House & Victoria hotel (burned down in the early 1920's), which was at the top of the present car park at the Kinema. Many historic postcards & pictures in the Kinema foyer memorabilia display, well worth looking at whilst on a visit to see a film any evening at The Kinema.
The Compton organ is played usually at the interval during a Saturday evening film performance.
Call 01526 352 166 (24 hour info line) after 8pm most nights the staff do try answer the phone personally to speak to customers.








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