The webcam system in the garden adjacent to the Cottage, which has been functioning since just before Christmas 2014, potentially has sixteen live cameras.  Today only twelve are active, because three channels are reserved for use on the banks of the beck, and another will provide live streaming from a wireless owl box, which will be positioned in an oak tree in the “Wilderness Garden” later this year. Currently, six cameras are focused on a variety of feeding stations, some of which can quickly be re-housed in nesting boxes in the spring.  These versatile combinations were supplied by gardenature

The rather special, squirrel-proof, peanut feeder was installed by Jason Fathers of Wildlife Windows

Grey squirrels and thirteen different species of birds have been seen on various cameras, and these are illustrated below the webcam feed itself.  There is more activity in the mornings and later on during daylight. At night, when you can continue watching the video on my live-streaming channel, I will usually select a small water feature because you might spot a tawny owl which I have seen sitting on the gate for hours.

On the feeders, I mainly use products supplied by by CJ Wildlife who have over 25 years experience in researching and developing products to help you attract, care for and enjoy the wide variety of wildlife in your garden. They offer premium products, multi-buy savings, next day delivery and free delivery on orders over £25. For fantastic offers and to purchase products please click here.

To view a live feed from our webcam right now Click here


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