Kingfisher Bedroom

This bedroom has turquoise decorations and an extra-wide pine doorway with a single bed each side of it. The bedside cabinets are teak G Plan and have three drawers.This is our only ground floor bedroom, shown here with twin beds. They can be pushed together and made up as a six-foot-wide double if you prefer.
The floor is tiled in Italian porcelain and is heated, but there is a radiator as well.
There is space under the beds so that a portable hoist can be used when necessary. Guests are welcome to bring their own or we will organise the hiring of one for you.

The bed by the window is shown with a slightly raised head, and with an adjustable table extended over it.  To the right of the window are a dressing table, chair and Tiffany style table lamp.  The TV is wall mounted.The hand control, which raises and lowers the head and foot of each bed, is black.The head of the bed near the window has been raised, and the foot can be operated in the same way. The height-adjustable tray shown over the bed, is usually stored in the cupboard off the bedroom. The wall mounted TV, which has a remote control, is visible from both beds and a hand control, pictured here, is used to raise and lower the head and/or foot of the twin beds. Through the window you can see our shady, courtyard garden, which is easy to accessfrom the Kingfisher SuiteA radiant guest is photographed leaving the bedroom in her motorised wheelchair.  The doors have handrails fitted on them to make them easier to close.

The furniture is teak G Plan to match the timbers of the vaulted ceiling. The tiffany style table lamp is switchable both from the wall beside the beds and also by the doorway. The pine door beside the dressing table leads into the shower room.

Pat has been to stay with us four times now, and she is quite happy for us to use this photo of her leaving the bedroom in her motorised wheelchair, so that you can see just how spacious the openings are.

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