Kingfisher Bedroom

This bedroom has twin beds, turquoise decorations and an extra-wide pine doorway.  The bedside cabinets are teak G Plan and have three drawers.This is our only ground floor bedroom. In the left-hand photograph, it is shown with twin beds.
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Bedside the bed is a sheepskin rug.


On the right, the bed beside the window has had the head elevated. The foot can be electronically operated too. Through the window you can see our shady, courtyard garden, which is usually alive with small, garden birds enjoying our feeders. Dunnocks have occupied our nest box in the spring for several years.



Above the dressing table, which has a table lamp on it, is a mirror with a golden frame, and a wall-mounted TV.  The pine door leads into the shower room.The Italian porcelain tiles have under floor heating, but there is a radiator as well. Sheepskin rugs are placed in front of each bedside table. Teak G Plan furniture was chosen for the room because it matched the timbers of the vaulted ceiling. The Tiffany style table lamp is also switchable on the wall beside the doorway when you enter the room. The wall-mounted TV and the DVD player have remote controls.

The pine door leads to the shower room. Click here to go through it.


Double bed configuration of twin bedsHere the twin beds have been pushed together to make a six-foot-wide bed. The mattresses can have a pair of single bottom sheets or a super-king one, but if the latter is chosen, raising the beds electronically has to be co-ordinated.




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