Kingfisher Shower Room

The walls of this shower room are fully tiled in white with occasional turquoise glass squares as decoration.  A strip of grey tracking on two walls supports the movable hand basin and the foldable arm rests.  The shower curtain is turquoise too.The Presalite sanitary ware comes from Denmark and is designed to be flexible. e.g. the hand basin is height-adjustable. The tap is water saving and can be swivelled.

We have chosen an extractor fan (which you cannot see in this photo) with a heat exchanger fitted, so it runs gently all the time, keeping the atmosphere refreshed.

There is a strong turquoise vertical rail to the right of the large white shower control that has raised buttons designed by the RNIB.We have used Altro’s non-slip flooring instead of tiles. The surface slopes, just a little, towards the white drain in the floor and this sort of large curtained cubicle is sometimes described as a “wet room”. The floor does not stay damp, as under floor heating has been installed.
The Redring electric shower is easy to use and the thermostatic controls can be pre set.

Turquoise and blue bath sheets are provided to show up against the white and chrome background.This close up of the hand basin demonstrates how it can also be repositioned along the wall.
In addition to the under floor heating there is a heated towel rail and a fan heater on the wall.





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