Tastes of Lincolnshire You are on holiday and there is nothing like starting the day with a full English breakfast, an option sadly missed in many homes due to the busy schedule of everyday life. However, here at Kirkstead Old Mill Cottage, you can relax and take as long as you like over your meal.

There are of course other breakfast options too, so if you fancy the lighter, healthier option, we cater for that also. All our produce are top quality and locally grown. Take a look at our menus to see the selection for yourself.


Our Bill Of Fayre

Milk and Water

Skimmed, semi-skimmed and full cream, often organic, is collected from Woodhall Spa.
We also use Cravendale milk, which uses a finer filtering system in production thus removing more bacteria and therefore tasting fresher and keeping longer.
Goat's, soya, sterilized and UHT milks can be provided if pre-ordered.

The fresh milk of your choice will be in your fridge, and still, bottled water will be left on each bedside table, even though all cold-water taps in the house are on the mains supply and drinkable. As this mains water is hard, we provide a filter jug in each room for your use, so that you can make tastier cups of tea.


There are at least a dozen different cereals to choose from, including Cornflakes, Muesli, Alpen and Bran Flakes, plus homemade porridge, using oats from the windmills in Boston.


are harvested in October from the tree in our garden and are totally organic.

Fruit Juices

Choose from orange, grapefruit, apple, mango, pineapple, cranberry and tomato. The orange is usually freshly squeezed juice and not from concentrates.


We mostly have Danone's bio fruit yogurts in variety.

Fresh Fruit Platter

We offer a fresh fruit platter, which is made up of seasonally available fruits, presented in a decorative form. Whenever possible most of these fruits will be obtained from our own garden where we organically produce strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, apples, pears, red, white and black currants, damsons and even peaches. Otherwise the fruit, including bananas, kiwis, mango and pineapple, is purchased from local retailers: Co-op, Budgens and Waitrose.

Lincolnshire Sausages and other Sausages

Our " Lincolnshire " ones come from Grasmere Farm in Deeping St James, or Roger Papworth in Woodhall Spa, who is also a member of Tastes of Lincolnshire. Other sausages, including those for vegetarians, will be sourced locally to fulfil special dietary requirements.

Back Bacon

comes smoked or unsmoked from Grasmere Farm where it is home-cured, but small amounts are occasionally bought from R J Hirst, another Woodhall Spa butcher, who uses local pork.


come from our Woodhall Spa shops, and the organic ones are selected when available.

Vine Tomatoes

are home grown in season, otherwise they are locally sourced.

Sauté Potatoes

are home grown or from local neighbouring farmers and smallholdings.

Hash Browns.

We serve the McCain's variety, which are produced in the EU, using corn oil.

Fried Bread

We use white bread, which is lightly smeared with our own dripping before it is seared.

Black Pudding.

Again we use Grasmere Farm's herby variety.


John Lawson, our gardener from Stixwould, has free-range hens and delivers to us regularly.

Baked Beans


Alternative Fish Breakfasts

We offer scrambled or poached eggs and smoked salmon; smoked haddock with poached egg; or vacuum packed kipper fillets.

Breads for you to use to make your own toast

Sliced brown and white loaves:
Warburtons Seeded Batch, Hovis Sunflower Granary, Warburtons stone ground, sliced wholemeal and white Toastie. Freshly home-baked bread is also available if it is requested the night before. (It's very nice but not particularly suitable for toasting).

Teas for you to select from

PG Tips, also twelve or more types of Twinings teas including Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Green, Assam, Traditional English Breakfast, plus fruit teas including Orange and Mango, Lemon and Ginger, Blackcurrant Ginseng and Vanilla, Peppermint, Chamomile, Cranberry, Raspberry and Elderflower, plus other decaffeinated varieties.


Is usually made from freshly ground beans and served in a cafetiere. Sometimes it's from our son's small plantation in Hawaii . Otherwise it's from Douwe Egberts and Fair-Trade. We also stock decaffeinated and instant varieties.

Preserves and Honey

There are usually six types to choose from, which either come from our Woodhall Spa Country Market or are home made. Examples: orange, orange & ginger, orange & lemon, and triple concerto marmalades, plus josterberry, blackberry, damson, strawberry, raspberry and apricot jams. Our two sorts of honey are currently supplied by Reg Newton our "left-handed, right-handed man".

Condiments & other products

Mazola Corn Oil produced by Bestfoods Ltd is used for cooking. Lurpak spreadable butter, Bertolli (Olivio) spread and Flora pro-activ spread are all available for you to select from. Heinz Tomato Ketchup, HP Brown Sauce, and grinders containing coarse sea salt and black peppercorns are presented too.

Shortbread Biscuits or Cakes are offered on arrival.

Members of the Woodhall Spa Country Market make the all-butter shortbread biscuits and some cakes for us. On the beverage trolley in your room, you will find a wide selection of teas, coffee and other beverages, together with some more biscuits and a tin. The fresh milk of your choice and bottled still mineral water will be in your fridge.

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