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Mrs. Barbara Hodgkinson
Kirkstead Old Mill Cottage
Tattershall Road, Woodhall Spa
Lincolnshire LN10 6UQ

Phone: 01526 35 36 37

Directions on approaching Kirkstead Old Mill Cottage

If you are approaching the cottage from the village of Woodhall Spa, take the Tattershall Road from the mini roundabout (B 1192). After leaving the village, and reaching the decontrolled section, you will see a pub, the Abbey Lodge Inn, on your right-hand side, which is painted black and white. The road also bears to the left here. Once the road is straight again start counting fields on your right-hand side. After the first field there is a house and a bungalow. At the end of the second field, which is obscured by young trees and a hedge, you will see a strip of white-painted fence and a telegraph pole with a cable crossing over the road. Here you need to turn sharp right onto a sandy-coloured farm track. Ordnance Survey reference: 199614
Once you have turned onto the farm track, you will see that there is now a stream on your immediate left. Keep this Mill Beck on your left for 1.1 miles and, where the stream meets the river, you will find our home. See map above: O.S. reference: 187602.
If you are approaching the cottage from Tattershall or Coningsby on the B 1192, you need to look out for a sign on your left, at about waist height, with KIRKSTEAD written on it. Some two hundred metres further on you turn left down our track. A telegraph pole and cable across the road will also identify the spot. Follow the instructions to the cottage from this point as described in the previous paragraph. There are five parking spaces immediately in front of the house, plus a double carport, which is particularly useful if it is raining and is also for the less mobile, as it provides easy access to the house for those in wheelchairs.

If you get lost, do not hesitate to ring us on 01526 35 36 37  and I will guide you in, or come and find you

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