The Grounds - introduction

The cottage as seen from across the lawn from beneath phase 3 of the pergola.Our detached home is set in a three-quarter-of-an-acre garden, in the corner of a farmed field surrounded by acres of natural beauty, both wild and cultivated.

To the south we look over to our four-acre wild garden, a disused railway embankment, which is bounded on the east by a set-aside field.

To the west are the grassy banks of the river Witham. You can see occasional traffic on the towpath road beyond the wide strip of peaceful water, where the fishermen line up on Sundays during the season.

The kitchen gate with its Montana clematis ‘hinge’ plus tubs of bulbs each side. In year 2000, before we could plant up the garden around the house, it had to be fully fenced and gated against the numerous rabbits.

Gradually we have added structural height by erecting over fifty-four metres of pergola, with a wide gravel path and a raised bed under it. The flowerbed is faced with stone that was salvaged from our local Mill Farm when it was demolished some years ago.

On sunny days there is always somewhere to sit that makes the most of the warmth. But as we are not sun worshippers, we have made sure that there is always a shady alternative too.

If we had to select just a few plants to describe our garden, they would be Barbara’s daffodils, lavender hedges and honeysuckles, and Tony’s hostas, delphiniums and buddleias.

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