The decking outside the kitchen door is a favourite place to gather for a chat over coffee. There is a wooden slope up to the decking, which is outside the kitchen patio doors.The Decking

We often enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with guests, here on the decking, when they return from an after-breakfast stroll along the river bank, prior to them going out for the day. Not that they need to go out. Guests are welcome to stay in or near the cottage all day if they wish, but we do keep plenty of tourist information and are happy to advise on what is available locally for the site seekers.




The evening patio is an ideal spot for a barbequed supper.The Evening Patio

This patio is at the rear of the cottage, and it is an ideal spot in which to enjoy the last of the daylight. Blue reclaimed pavers, originally from Louth Cattle Market, have been redeployed here as they blend in well with the modern engineering bricks and reclaimed rosemary tiles of the retaining wall. Hostas also enjoy the northern light, but the seed heads you can see are from our uneaten leeks.


The courtyard garden, adjacent to the west door and carport, is always shady.  A rectangular raised fishpond adds interest.The Courtyard Garden

This seating area replaced our winter bed in 2001. We were able to take the opportunity to incorporate a raised bed below the new windbreak and a fishpond in front of it. You can see by the shadows on the reclaimed York stone paving that we have achieved an area of dappled shade for when the rest of the garden is too hot for us to sit out in. Posts clad in honeysuckle, jasmine and clematis support the recycled, blue, trellis panels.

In the summer of 2004, after we had finished the latest extension, we were able to replace the grass that joined the courtyard to the front door of the house with stone slabs, so the space now feels like our “room outdoors”.


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