Sunroom - Features

This close-up of the glazed roof allows a view of clouds and blue sky through the iroko rafters.  A double turquoise settee is in the bay window.With one third of the ceiling glazed, it makes a pleasant, light (but not too hot) sitting room.





Here the photographer looks towards the walls with the pine doors that lead to the breakfast room and the kingfisher bedroom.The glazed doors lead into the Breakfast Room and the rest of the house, and the vaulted ceiling, with its iroko timbers continues into the bedroom with extra light coming from the two Velux windows in both rooms.





There are mirrors on the wall each side of the door on the end wall, a nest of coffee tables with a touch lamp on the left, and a TV in the corner.To the right of the television, the extra wide pine door leads to our ground floor bedroom.





A white Fantasia fan with three lights hangs from the vaulted ceiling, which is painted turquoise between the iroko rafters.Because we have a cat, and welcome dogs to stay in the Kingfisher Suite, we have installed a Fantasia fan that that has a built-in ioniser and blades fitted with filters in consideration of asthma sufferers.





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